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B-Free Personal Finance software


As a wage earner, you need to manage your personal finances and prepare income tax returns every year. B-free tracks all your income and expenses, including work related expenses that could be claimed as tax deductions. B-free also keeps an eye on how your personal finances are faring with automatically compiled, up to the minute, financial reports. Avoid nasty surprises and know where your financial future is heading.

If you want to invest in your own future, it's time to start with B-free Personal.

Now you can take control of your finances and prepare for the future. Simply enter monthly expenditure for items such as living expenses and entertainment, and the unique B-free system automatically downloads and classifies electronic bank statements, so you can prepare budget reports in minutes!

B-free Personal intuitively recognizes information on your electronic bank statement and automatically files this information into categories, prepares budgets and produces reports. If you spend more than you earn, or just need to track and manage your finances better, B-free will help you budget and save. And if you are good at saving, B-free will help you save to invest your extra cash, for example in property or shares, for extra returns.

B-free Personal allows you to quickly assess whether you have the ability to take up new investment opportunities, and if you already have a loan, B-free will demonstrate exactly how much and how long it will take to repay the loan, using the loan forecasting function and various reports, effectively graphing your progress. All reports can be instantaneously exported to spreadsheets and documents for the purpose of the individual. Best of all the software is online, so you can access your records from anywhere in the world.

* Download transactions from internet banking * Automatic categorization of transactions * Add Cash Transactions – if transactions are not available to download, you can enter them manually * Budget report – allows you to view and compare actual income and expense amounts against budget amounts entered for each category * Budget graph – graphs budget amounts against actual spending to give a realistic view of your current financial position * Budget groups – allows you to group similar categories to track income and expenditure * Bank account report – all transactions for a particular bank account and date range can be viewed in this one report * Transaction report – allows you to review all transactions for a particular date, business or category * Income & Expense report – a cash-based profit/loss report which can be quickly generated for any period * Grouping reports – all transactions for a particular category can be viewed * Category list – lists all the categories currently available for selection and allows any businesses assigned to each category to be viewed * Cash flow forecast – forecasts future cash flows based on flexible budget figures for financial planning * Loan forecast – integrates online budgeting and financial reporting with loan tracking capability. Interactive reporting allows the operator to budget for the term of any loan. Operators can perform a ‘what if’ analysis when deciding whether to pay extra payments from forecasted available cash. Graphical reports show the effects of these extra payments for both interest and savings and term reductions. The software calculates interest to the same accuracy offered by banks
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