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Every person has a life story — a story that deserves to be documented and reviewed for pleasure or passed along to future generations. And the time to start recording your thoughts, dreams, feelings and frustrations (along with your photos, videos, audio files and other digital media) is NOW!

As a leader in digital diary software, Chrysanth NETime Diary offers you much more than a paper diary in many areas — and best of all, it doesn't require a rocket science degree to get started . In a nutshell, this diary software:

* is secure and protects your very privacy
* makes you more expressive of your feelings
* helps you write more with much ease and comfort
* gives you back the good articles and photos in a blink of an eye
* organizes all your digital photos
* keeps all your mp3 music, video files, voice diary attachments
* is able to run from a thumb drive

see the security at work! Privacy protection has always been a top concern in engineering Chrysanth NETime Diary. Every access to your diary requires your original password to be authenticated. It may seem trivial, but it's the best way to keep your diary safe from prying eyes To begin, you first create a password protected database, which will hold all your diary content and photos securely. Remember, you are the only person who holds the "key" to opening the database. it's easy to express yourself — and unleash your feelings! As you jot down your fun times and frustrations, you'll enjoy the features of a full WYSIWYG editor at work. Unlike in an ordinary Windows Notepad document, you see fully formatted content — much like a Microsoft Word document. Additionally, you can also make use of our collection of beautiful and expressive emoticons to add extra life and visual appeal to your diary's content. be inspired to write more — and write frequently! We know that at times you just can't finish everything at one go. No sweat — now you can save your in-progress content in different Collections (or folders) anytime. For example, you might save your half done diary in the Draft folder. Meanwhile, we know you'll always want to have a clean and tidy write-up, without spelling errors. You surely don't want to be bothered with typos, which is exactly why Chrysanth NETime Diary includes a built-in Spell-Checker. The included Thesaurus can also prove a handy tool for further enriching your words. We also understand that you may not be writing your diary in English exclusively. Perhaps you're well versed in French, German, Dutch, Portuguese or other languages. Whatever your preferred language, you'll likely find the associated dictionary (and spell-checker) available in Chrysanth NETime Diary. Plus, you'll have full access to other handy professional dictionaries — including Technical, Medical, Legal or others. browse the good old days! A diary isn't just for writing; it's also meant to be re-visited at times. Whenever you feel like to go back in time, with Chrysanth NETime Diary, you're on your way. The software's systematic, thoughtful organization of your diaries and photos will allow easy and fast content retrieval by a range of content classifications you choose. If this isn't handy enough, the powerful Search function can help you locate your important and meaningful memories in seconds. have all your photos at your fingertips! How about having all your family photos, travel photos, birthday-party photos, school-life photos, puppy-love photos and all the rest — all documented alongside your very own personal thoughts?

Chrysanth NETime Diary lets you keep all your precious photos — your family, travel, birthday parties, school life, puppy loves and everything else — directly linked right alongside your daily diary and journal. You no longer need to search high and low through all your photo albums, folders and directories on your computer just to locate those you're looking to remember.
keep all your attachments perfectly organized!

Do you keep voice diary? Do you prepare your written diary at night while listening to the playback of your daytime voice diary? Do you want to attach voice files to your written diary?

Attaching your voice diary files to Chrysanth NETime Diary is just a click away. You can attach just about any digital content to your journals — mp3 music files, video files, photos or data in various other formats.
be mobile — write everywhere!

Designed with all your needs in mind, this diary software is also capable of being run from a thumb drive! Yes — a thumb drive (or Flash drive)! Depending on your drive's storage capacity, you can store the entire diary software application, as well as your diary database, which carries all your photos, voice-diary files, mp3s and other attachments!

You're no longer bound to a fixed workstation when jotting down daily thoughts and events. Just bring your thumb drive along wherever you go, and you'll always have your daily diary companion right by your side.

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