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McAfee VirusScan Plus 2009 with SiteAdvisor (with discount coupon)


McAfee VirusScan® Plus & SiteAdvisor prevents malicious activity on your PC before it happens. This security service offers anti-virus and anti-spyware technology, and includes a firewall to protect what you value. With McAfee SiteAdvisor’s safety ratings, you can avoid unsafe websites. Improved performance allows it to protect without disturbing your online experience. Secures up to 3 PCs.

Windows Vista is better and safer with McAfee VirusScan Plus running on it. The improved security provided by Microsoft in its newest operating system still needs the support of McAfee’s industry-leading protection to provide tight, trouble-free use.

Safe Search and Surf Color-coded alerts from McAfee SiteAdvisor to websites to help you avoid online danger. Always Active, Always Updating Automatically receive the latest software features, threat updates and version upgrades. Fast Anti-Virus Protection Quickly scans, blocks and cleans out over 200,000 known threats. Tough Anti-Hacker Protection Hides your online presence and files from hackers, identity thieves and unauthorized communication. Shrewd Anti-Spyware Protection Intercepts spyware before it installs on your computer and removes existing spyware. PC Maintenance Cleans clutter off your computer so it stays healthy and secure.

Why Choose McAfee?

* Proactive security for what you value most
* Unparalleled protection by blending the most sophisticated security technologies available
* Only McAfee products offer McAfee SiteAdvisor safe search & surf tool
* McAfee security service automatically and continually upgrades software and updates threat protection.

Minimum Requirements: 

* Microsoft® Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 (SP4) or higher, Windows XP with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher, Windows Vista* Personal computer with Pentium-compatible processor 500 MHz or higher and 256 MB RAM or higher
* 800 X 600 or higher resolution

Internet connection Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or later Optional: Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later

* Supported Email Programs POP3 (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape)

* Supported Instant Messaging Programs AOL Instant Messenger 2.1 or later
* Yahoo Messenger 4.1 or later
* Microsoft Windows Messenger 3.6 or later
* MSN Messenger 6.0 or later

* Must meet Windows Vista operating system requirements

Product Delivery: 
Electronic Delivery (download)