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SubSonic - OpenSource dymanic website builder

The open-source SubSonic project, helps a Web site build itself.

Microsoft has hired the creator of the SubSonic tool set and plans to use SubSonic as a key part of an upcoming platform.

SubSonic can be integrated as a Visual Studio button and builds ASP.NET code.

If you are a developer using SubSonic, please add comments with SubSonic's features since the web site of SubSonic does not document them in a single list of features.

• A Data Access Layer (DAL) Builder which generates CRUD-enabled objects (which, in turn, represent selected database tables) and complementary strongly-typed collections. • A complete utility toolset complete with Rails-like scaffolding which effortlessly builds admin-like web pages, migrations or DB versioning and code generators. • A dynamic query tool that lets one use SQL Server, mySQL and/or Enterprise Library without having to know the underlying SQL syntax. • An object-relational (OR) mapper which extends to stored procedures and views.
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