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The Friendly Password Safe


How many usernames, passwords and pin codes do you have to keep track of?

With the Friendly Password Safe you can easily organize all your usernames, passwords and secret items in ONE place. All your registration emails, PIN and PUK codes can be easily located without any hassle.

Data are kept under one highly encrypted file and are protected with a master password. All important changes are recorded - if you change a password you can recall all the previous ones.

Easy to use Organizing your passwords in categories has never been easier. Each category can have an unlimited number of entries and its own icon. There are no cryptic buttons and functions. You can setup your new safe from a template of frequently used items. Secure The Friendly Password safe stores your entries in a compressed and encrypted file using a double variation of the blowfish state-of-the-art encryption algorithm. You can safely protect all your passwords under a single password; however, please make sure you do not forget this one; You will not be able to open your safe again. An excellent secrets keeper Phone PIN/PUK codes are one click away when needed. Get the program and your data securely on a USB-key! There are two versions of the Friendly Safe, one for desktop computers and one for installation on a USB key. You can use both versions simultaneously as your registration is valid for both. Basic and Advanced Tools at your findertips All basic functions are clearly visible in the panel and tree menu: Advanced features are one click away: * Full tree drag-n-drop support - organize your password tree the way you like it * Import entries from CSV text files * Flat view for tree-phobics * Super-encrypt and auto-backup * Easily copy usernames and passwords * Fast find Persistent memory All pairs of old usernames and passwords are kept. You can recall any old combination you used a long time ago.
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