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Ultimate Vocabulary for the GRE Test


With Ultimate Vocabulary Software, you get:
* More powerful vocabulary words than any other program
* More interactive ways to learn than any other program
* More information on words than any other program
* A personal computer tutor to guide you to a powerful vocabulary... step-by-step

If you use our program for 10 minutes a day for just one month, we guarantee you will build a powerful vocabulary that will boost your success to new levels - or we'll refund 100% of your purchase price - no questions asked.

You Have Probably Been Judged by Your Vocabulary Many Times This Year Without Even Knowing it!

Whether you realize it or not, every time you speak, people use your language to instantly "tip them off" about how educated, competent, and successful you are. It's not surprising, therefore, that study after study has shown that a powerful vocabulary is directly linked to success, status, and income.
What Experts Say About Vocabulary and Success:

"English vocabulary level has been shown to be strongly related to educational success. In addition, it is related to the level of occupation attained". Bowker, R. (1981).

"A rich vocabulary is a valuable asset and an important attribute of success in any walk of life….". Elley, W.B. (1988).

"An extensive knowledge of the exact meanings of English words accompanies outstanding success in this country more often than any other single characteristic we have been able to isolate and measure" O’Connor, J. (1934)
That's Why We Created Ultimate Vocabulary!

From: Marc Slater, Director - eReflect Software

We created Ultimate Vocabulary Software because we saw first hand what a big difference a great vocabulary can make to someone's life and career. No matter what position you are currently in, this information applies to you. You're going to learn how to build a powerful and impressive vocabulary that improves your communication, improves your writing, and grants you instant respect and credibility.

Discover the 7 Easy Strategies That You Can Use to Learn Words 20-200 x's Faster, and Remember Them Forever Improving your vocabulary is the most important investment you can make in yourself. Unfortunately, the average adult only learns about 25 new words per year. With Ultimate Vocabulary, you'll easily learn between 4 and 14 new words per day. That's a 200 fold boost that will pay instant dividends to your career, life, and school success! Read on to discover the 7 easy strategies that Ultimate Vocabulary uses to improve your vocabulary faster and more easily than any other method... 1) You'll learn words faster and more easily... and remember them forever with the deepest and most effective vocabulary technology ever created 2) You get 142,647 words including pre-defined lists from virtually every well-known vocabulary program 3) Complete the fun and interesting exercises and effortlessly gain a deep understanding of powerful words 4) Learn words while you work - without even trying 5) Create your own lists from the 142,647 word reference 6) Track your progress and watch Ultimate Vocabulary adapt 7) You get 20,234 Audio Pronunciations - Finally you can pronounce words with confidence!

You’ll easily build a powerful and impressive vocabulary that:

* Grants you instant respect and credibility - Start learning your Ultimate Words and you’ll notice that people will start to pay attention to you - and begin to follow your lead.

* Boosts your career - Superiors will immediately assume that you are more competent than your peers. Guess who's going to come to mind for a promotion this month?

* Improves your communication - No more letting your career and life suffer because of "bad communication skills". Impress people with your language and make every word count.

* Improves your writing - Create the right impression with your emails and letters.

* Makes getting top grades at school or college EASY - You'll be writing so well that your teachers might even think you are cheating!

* Grows your confidence with words and conversation - No more stuttering and fumbling for the right word. Make your point – boldly and clearly – without losing everyone’s interest!

* Makes others notice your articulate language - When you speak, you will literally stop people in their tracks and MAKE them pay attention.

* Improves your score in tests such as IQ tests, SAT, GMAT, and GRE - You'll be confident that you are equipped with the advanced vocabulary required to succeed in these tests.

* Improves your spelling - When your emails are full of spelling mistakes, people judge you as un-educated… and may even assume you have a low-IQ. Ultimate Vocabulary puts a stop to this common career mistake.

* Equips you to easily express your ideas - Having the right words to express your ideas effectively will make all the difference in getting your point across.

* Empowers you with advanced reading and comprehension skills - No more missing the author's point because you don't understand their language. You'll finally be able to understand the words and concepts in everything you read.

* Improves opportunities for promotion and career progression - It's proven by numerous studies (see above for examples) that a good vocabulary is a strong predictor of career success. Having this knowledge will give you a distinct edge over your competition.

90 Day Trial Offer: Download Ultimate Vocabulary today, and Try it For a Full Three Months - Completely at Our Risk

We are so confident that you'll love what Ultimate Vocabulary does for you, that we want you to try it for a full three months, completely at our risk. If you don't feel that Ultimate Vocabulary has improved your vocabulary dramatically and met all of your expectations, just discontinue the program and contact us for a prompt and courteous refund.

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Hi. Just got to say this software is the very best vocabulary software I’ve tried. Nothing out there in my opinion works as well as this one and I’ve tried every program out there

--Ana C

"I tried several ways to improve my vocabulary including the $250 Verbal Advantage program. For me, Ultimate Vocabulary worked the best and it only costs a fraction of Verbal Advantage."

--Peter Moser

I have used Ultimate Vocabulary and it has proven useful. I had problem remembering words since English is not my first language and needed a tool that helped me see these words over and over until it sticks into my head. Ultimate Vocabulary has helped me build a better vocabulary.

--Jonatan Rodriguez