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RemoteMedia Screen Saver


RemoteMedia Player is a screensaver and a display Screen software system. It allows you to update Screen Savers on any network so you can update your screen saver MEDIA content in REAL-TIME!

RemoteMedia Screen Saver Player is Easy to Use, yet has some very advanced features such as multithread FTP file transfer - up to 16 x faster than normal, full screen video and MS Powerpoint! RemoteMedia Screen Saver Player is different from standard screensavers because you can update the content in REAL-TIME without the need to recompile your screen saver ever time you make a change.

You can use RemoteMedia Player to drive your display screens!

RemoteMedia Player software is all you need to run Display screens such as plasma screens within Schools, Motel, Hotels, Airports, Offices or anywhere you need to display your message... Remote Media Screensaver is the ultimate solution to present your Media for personal, educational or business use.

Remote Media Presenter has many applications. It is currently being used in schools, businesses and various organisations.

Display Monitors in Pubs

This is an example of Remote Media being used in a Pub. It can be used to control display screens easily, and handles full screen video files easily.

Multiple screens can be linked to one computer for simultaneous video display or different computers can run different displays.

Display Monitors in Busses
This is an example of Remote Media Being used in a Bus. An interesting concept where the machine will read the files at every stop point through a wireless WIFI LAN point and update itself.

Used for playing video and flash content.


For displaying full screen Media content such as Video, flash and even powerpoint, this is so easy to use

Remote Control ScreenSaver
So you can update screen display content on the fly, from a remote location.

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