You are here: How do I create a CDRom / DVDRom containing the StarMessage screensaver?

How do I create a CDRom / DVDRom containing the StarMessage screensaver?

The distribution of the StarMessage screensaver is electronic (via downloads). When you purchase the screensaver, you receive an email with the activation code and detailed instructions for the download.
There are no packaging and shipping costs. This is how the price is kept low. (And we also protect the environment from unnecessary waste).

A CDRom containing the Screensaver would not offer you more advantages from the electronic download.

You can also create the CDROM yourself following the instructions below

  1. First you need to download the trial version of the screensaver.
    Right click on this link:
    StarMessage Installation program
    and select "Save as..." and select a temporal location to save the installation program
  2. Use your favorite CD/DVD writer to write the downloaded file on to a CDRom or DVDRom
  3. Open and print the jewel box artwork from the file at this link:
    The printed file contains further instructions
  4. Have fun with StarMessage and most important, enjoy your life


CDRom from RegNow

RegNow offers you the option to add a CDROM in your order cart.
We propose that you do not order it.
The CDRom simply contains the installation files of the trial version.
This is the same file that you receive via email when ordering the StarMessage screensaver without CDROM.