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1 Moon Above

1 Moon Above is a unique and stunning 3D Windows screensaver featuring the Moon, correctly positioned in relation to the Earth and Sun. See the current phase of the Moon, or accelerate time and see how the phase changes over the coming days and months! You have the option of seeing the positional details for the Moon and Sun, including Declination and GHA. You can choose to view the moon from any position on Earth - simply specify your latitude and longitude. Choose your own view angle, filling the screen with the Moon or shrink it to a more representative size. Additional visual effects include nebulae, stars, clouds, and trees - all of which are unique every time the screensaver runs. 1 Moon Above can also play your favorite music whenever it is running. Our popular Desktop Fade technology is now also available in this product. Try it today!

See the correct phase of the Moon at all times!
Accelerate time and see the phase of the Moon change as the days and months roll by ! Never miss another solar eclipse!
Adjust the camera field-of-view while the screensaver is running.
NEW ! Now you can go backwards in time as well!
NEW ! Choose your viewer location anywhere on Earth!
NEW ! Show trees in the foreground!
NEW ! Daytime visuals!
Play your favorite music whenever 1 Moon Above is running.
Watch as clouds drift lazily in front of the moon. Different every time the screensaver runs!
Beautiful stars and nebulae form the backdrop, different every time the screensaver runs!
Show the local time and date.
Designed to perform well on a wide range of computer hardware.
Easy access to a comprehensive help file.
Fully configurable, with a preview button making it very easy to experiment with settings.