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Appcelerator Titanium Development Platform

Titanium makes cross-platform native application development easy.

A free and open source application development platform, Titanium lets you create native mobile, tablet and desktop application experiences using existing web skills like Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Build Native Apps
Everything else is basically a web page. There are lots of ways to build apps, especially on the iPhone and Android. You can build a JavaScript widget in the Safari browser. You can wrap Webkit, throw in a few API’s to bridge the ‘gap’ between web and app, and lob it into the app store. But aside from learning Objective-C or Java, building native apps means doing everything native, not just pieces.

Over 100 high-performing, customizable UI controls for native tables, views, tabs, alerts, dialogs, buttons, and more.

Online or On-device Data
Store and retrieve data via native support for an embedded SQLite database, SOAP / RESTful web services, or local filesystem.

Development Tools
Full authoring environment for creating, testing, and publishing your apps. Shave weeks off setting up your environment.

Titanium makes Vista apps look like Vista apps, XP apps like XP apps and Mac OS X apps fully native as well. Check out Titanium Developer to see native UI on each platform in action.