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CA Anti-Virus 2009

Comprehensive Virus Protection

If you're unprotected, viruses can invade through email, downloads, instant messages, and even web pages. From there, they can erase your files, damage your hard drive, and destroy the information you value most: photos, music, documents, and more. CA Anti-Virus provides comprehensive protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs.

Daily, Fully Automatic updates easily and effectively address the #1 reason PC users suffer attacks: out-of-date signature files.

Automatic email Scanning is designed to protect against viruses that arrive by email, before they can cause damage.

Scheduled and on-Demand Scanning allow you to run a scan at any time, or to schedule scans at pre-selected intervals to meet your needs.

Real-time Scanning proactively helps stop viruses by scanning files when they are opened, closed, or saved to your PC.

Advanced Heuristic Scanning helps detect new threats even before virus protection updates are created.

Interactive Virus Detection Messages provide links to helpful resources in the CA Virus Information Center when threats are detected.

File Quarantine sends threats to a secure quarantine area where they can’t cause harm.

File Exclusion list allows you to exclude specific files and folders from scans.

Archive Scanning allows you to scan compressed files in a variety of formats.

Certified by Independent Testing organizations ICSA Labs, West Coast Labs, and Virus Bulletin as effective virus protection.