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CyberDefender Early Detection Center 2.0 (Internet security suite)

CyberDefender Early Detection Center™ 2.0
Protect your computer and your identity against:

Spyware, Viruses, Malware, Adware, Phishing scams, and dangerous Spam.

Get tough, get smart - get CyberDefender Early Detection Center 2.0. This inclusive security software suite is an all-in-one weapon against serious Internet threats that can damage your PC, compromise your identity, steal money from online accounts, and make your Web experience a nightmare.

* Real-time security updates
* Fastest possible responder to online threats
* Powerful first layer of defense.
* Compatible with other security suites

Spyware Removal - detects and removes dangerous spyware and adware from your computer.
You're not paranoid, they really ARE watching you. On average, one new spyware threat is released every day, and with it a goldmine for hackers trying to steal personal information, malcontents interested in draining system resources, and companies angling for a competitive edge at your expense. If your system is crashing, incredibly slow, filled with spam mail, or covered with pop-up ads, you probably have spyware - and it can be deadly to your computer. Fortunately, CyberDefender Early Detection Center™ 2.0 includes earlySPY, a free tool that identifies, quarantines and removes spyware with just a few clicks of your mouse. The earlySPY solution provides the latest threats as they become available, reporting all new threats to the Early Alert Center™ where a defense is developed and then broadcast to all earlySPY users. This powerful tool stops snoopers dead in their tracks, protecting you from identity theft and your computer from being "hijacked."

Virus Protection - detects and removes viruses from your computer.
All those joke e-mails you open without thinking? Not so funny when they contain malicious software known as viruses, as so many do. Not to mention photos, instructions, and other attachments that harbor viruses which can seriously damage your machine. When your computer operates slowly, won't open programs, emits strange error messages, or starts shutting down on its own, it's probably caught a bug. CyberDefender Early Detection Center 2.0's easy-to-use features include earlyVIRUS, a free anti-virus software detection tool that catches computer viruses faster. Viruses are scanned, identified, quarantined, and removed, all with just a few clicks of your mouse. Previously classified threats are combated immediately, while new threats are reported instantly to the Early Alert Center™, which then quickly provides the latest threat definitions update to earlyVIRUS users.

Spam Killer - blocks email with spyware and viruses.
Spam email isn't just annoying - it's often criminal. Sure, sometimes it's just tiresome "adware," but "phishing scams" are cleverly disguised spam that fool users into revealing bank passwords, social security numbers, and other data that can be used to steal your personal identity or cash. Not to mention other types of spam designed to infect your computer with viruses. CyberDefender Early Detection Center 2.0's earlySPAM makes it safe to check your e-mail again, filtering dangerous spam from reaching your Outlook inbox and focusing specifically on emails with dangerous payloads - namely spyware, viruses or phishing attacks. earlySPAM can complement basic filters such as Outlook's and protect your e-mail inbox from the worst thugs on the Internet.

Intrusion Controls - get the latest Microsoft updates and remove personal information stored on your computer.
An identity crisis is a terrible thing - especially when it's caused by hackers. Vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system can compromise your machine with malicious computer viruses and worms, offering opportunities for identity theft and other criminal behavior. Microsoft regularly issues updates or patches to fix bugs and plug security holes in Windows, so it's important to get the latest updates from Microsoft as soon as they are released. You can help prevent identity theft by using CyberDefenderFREE's earlyMONITOR to remind you of Windows updates days before they are available from Microsoft. earlyMONITOR also offers an intrusion detection feature to alert you about other potential problems, including a check on whether your PC firewall is providing full protection. As an added benefit, earlyMONITOR keeps track of personal passwords and "cookies" (small text files of information, such as user ID's, user preferences or even archived shopping cart information) that can be susceptible to theft from hackers, spyware or other threats.

Scam Shield - identifies and warns you about phishing sites and other potentially dangerous websites.
They say there's a sucker born every minute. But you won't be one of them with CyberDefenderFREE's earlySCAM, an anti-phishing technology that analyzes every website you visit to block fake scam sites. Email scams typically use fear tactics to entice victims into visiting a fraudulent website, created to resemble legitimate business websites (think banks or online payment services) in order to steal personal login, password, and account information. earlySCAM provides the option of overriding its scam blocking feature, continuing on to the suspicious website, or viewing more detailed information about a phishing site in CyberDefender's Early Alert Center™, where threats are ranked according to degrees of seriousness.