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Personal Lunar Organizer (with Discount Coupon)

Personal Lunar Organizer is fully-featured information manager with moon phases embedded in the calendar. It allows you to track lunar cycles while keeping all your appointments and events professionaly organized.
Notable calendar features include reminders, recurrences that permit exceptions, color coded labels, four categories for marking used periods of time and full range of views from daily to monthly. There are options for customizing views and calendar work week. You can print the current view, choose between portrait and landscape orientation, set margins, paper size and make other printing adjustments.
Personal Lunar Organizer always shows graphical representation and name of the moon phase for the selected date in the calendar while the program's icon in the taskbar changes automatically according to the current date's moon phase.

Personal Lunar Organizer's main window shows the calendar and offers four different views for it: month, week, work week and day. Switching calendar views is easy through toolbar icons, but you can also select a calendar area directly on the date picker bar and get its corresponding view. A moon phase you see in the top left corner is always related to the currently selected date in the calendar. Pay attention that you can rearrange appointments directly in all calendar views by dragging and dropping.