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365 Hubble Telescope Screen Saver

Have you ever dreamed of exploring space?

Launch yourself into orbit and discover the wonders of space through the eyes of the world-famous Hubble Space Telescope. This space screensaver includes over forty incredibly detailed images of spinning galaxies, colorful nebulae, distant supernova remnants, solar system planets, and other amazing celestial bodies. Take your mind to the heavens every time your computer is left idle!
Make your computer screen look its best

* Use any screensaver image as your desktop background
* Select between 50+ interruptible transitions
* Activate the animated snowflakes and sepia tone special effects
* Adjust image caption location, font, color, size, and style
* Choose the display order and how long to show each picture

Unique screensaver features you will love

* Sticky note function allowing you to leave an on-screen message while you are away from your computer
* Image sharpening and resampling for the highest quality display on any screen resolution
* Support for Windows password protection, energy savings, and multi-monitor
* Ability to control and configure your desktop wallpaper and all your screensavers directly from the system tray

Purchase with confidence

* 30-DAY unconditional money back guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee
* SECURE online ordering
* NO WAITING: instant download
* FREE software upgrades for life
* SAME DAY customer support
* NO SPYWARE, adware, malware...