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The StarMessage Diary software (my diary alternative)

Every day is bringing beautiful new emotions! Save your thoughts and feelings forever in your personal diary and make them unforgettable.

The StarMessage diarysoftware is an excellent way to keep a personal journal of day to day thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, ideas and important events of your life.

"My diary,
this is the first time I use an electronic diary program and am very pleased with the StarMessage Diary. I stopped worrying about keeping you safe and private; writing is now pure pleasure."

The program looks like a real personal diary so you can start using it right away. You can write entries for the present, past, or even the future. You can use it as a planner or a calendar by leaving notes to yourself to remind you of things you have to do. You can even copy-paste information from any other windows application.

If you really like keeping a personal diary, the StarMessage diary will allow you to concentrate on the pleasure of writing, away from the care for securing your writings from other's eyes, preserving them in good condition for the years to come, avoiding accidental damages or a complete loss.

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Picture support in the diary?


Must have looked at every diary software around on the Net and yours is by far the best for my purposes. Particularly like the clean presentation lines and ease of use. The reason I was searching for so long was to find something as good as yours with the ability to insert or cut/paste an image. Any plans for you to offer that in the future.


John F.
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Response from the StarMessage Diary team:

Due to encryption and compression of the diary, it cannot support inline images i.e pictures directly pasted to the content.

We are planning to include ONE side-image per entry which will be encrypted but not compressed. You will see a thumbnail of this image side-by-side with the content (clicking the image will display the full size original picture).

moving the diary file from one computer to another

I need a bit of help. I originally installed the Diary at my winter home and started a diary. I have just moved back north and want to install on my home computer and continue to add to the already established diary. I have backup of the already started diary on a disk. How do I proceed?
I use StarMessage diary version 3.0

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Response from the StarMessage Diary team

The next version of the diary (3.1) will have an easier
method for restoring a diary to another computer.

For the current version (3.0) you should...

1) Install the diary program to your new computer

2) Create a new EMPTY diary with the SAME PASSWORD as your backed up diary. It is very important to use the same password you used on your backed-up one!

3) Inside the diary, click [TOOLS]

4) Click [Backup/Restore] -> [Restore from file]

5) Select the backup file from your disk/usb and open it

That's it. Your new diary will be filled with the entire information contained in the old one.

If the diary passwords don't match, the diary will not be recoverred.

The Starmessage diary is awsome! Thanks!

I've been searching online for something like this for a long time!! It's perfect and easy to use. Thanks!

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I love the concept and format of the program.

StarMessage Diary is the perfect accompaniment to a personal computer. I love the concept and format of the program. No longer do I feel as if i must jot down incidental notes on the large screen and program of word processor (which we all know makes big files with hardly anything in them, let alone how such wordprocessor files are stored on the disk)...The starmessage diary is an aesthetically appealing and pragmatic application. So far, not being confronted with the monstrocity of a big WordProcessor, I've been able to make some truly good writing on the spur of the moment. And the StarMessage Diary is always available and handy. You've fulfilled a need and it is very useful, enjoyable and gives a person a personal sense of what "diary's" are about.

Thank you ...


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