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How do I clean my computer from viruses, spyware or other malware?

You can clean or scan your computer for viruses, spyware or other malware using our collection of free online anti virus scanners.
It is highly recommended to run these scanners at least once per 2 months as a precaution measure.

Modern viruses are able to disable some of the antivirus programs. It is therefore recommended that you run as many as possible of the tools below to find a virus that is able to hide itself from the specific antivirus tool you are using.

Most of these tools will ask you to install an "ActiveX" control. This is safe, since the list contains only the official sites of major antivirus software companies.

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This might be the most complete list of totally free antivirus and spyware scanners available on the internet.

We are constantly updating the list with the newest anti-virus software and you can help:
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I was looking for a program to clean my computer from viruses

Thank you for updating this antivirus list.
The internet is full of "free" offers but these ones are really free virus removal software.