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Webroot Software Inc.Free Spyware Scan available from Webroot

Scan your PC for spyware threats using our free spyware scan

* Free spyware scan finds malicious spyware - so you know what's hiding on your PC
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editor's review

This free scan is done by downloading and installing the free version of webroot software. If you just want to do an one-time scan, you can remove the software after using it.
During the installation I was asked to provide an email address, but I was able to complete the scan without receiving any relative email.

The trial version only reports threads. It does not remove them.

During my scan the tool reported:
trojan horses: infected mushroom, trojan-backdoor-dimenoc
Adware: sogou toolbar

Webroot did not give proof where exactly these components have been found. E.g. folder locations or registry settings.
Other free scanners did not find these components.

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